Coppersmith’s House in China


Based on Feng Shui concepts of space and the Chinese tradition of family and hierarchy, this brick house incorporates a copper-smith’s family home, a workspace, and an exhibition space, keeping a clear distinction between the public areas and the private ones.

The single floor building constitutes of two intertwined U units, where the private is engulfed by the public.


Plan at +140 cm

The private unit is designed according to Feng Shui concepts of space and the familial hierarchy of traditional China accentuating the central courtyard and the distribution of the rooms around it. In addition, the screen at the entrance of the house was believed to keep out spirits from entering, and the furniture was designed and carefully placed to follow the same rules.


Section DD


The Southeast view showed the public entrance. More importantly, and along the main path on which the front facade sat, a long slit running through the main facade -made possible with the introduction of steel beams within the bricks- gave glimpses into the exhibition space inviting outsiders in.


Southeast view – Public entrance


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