Kantari Housing Units

This project came as a solution to the overpopulation that is on the rise in the city of Beirut. It provides studio apartments of the minimum living space needed by one person. In some cases, the apartments adopt double levels in case one is not enough spatially, light-wise, or circulation-wise. In other cases, an addition of only half a level is sufficient.

south view

South Elevation

section b

Horizontal section parallel to the main road

External circulation leads from one floor to the other. The first floor rests on piloti columns, allowing circulation to flow freely and establishing visual connection with the street. Circulation changes on each level due to change in apartment types.section-a.jpg

The tough location of the site -a deep block with no direct access from the main road and no proper lighting or ventilation- bore the following solution: narrowing the slabs of the four existing buildings to an average of 7 meters in width and adding similar slabs  for a total of 9 floors. Along these slabs are the box shaped apartments, connecting the newly added structures to the existing ones.


Northwest view of model


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